Importing Data Files

Steps to import your data into VivoSense software.

CSV and Excel File Sample Imports

VivoSense® csv and excel imports support both sparse data formats, where each row represents data from a single point in time, and compact data formats, where each column represents a channel and the rows are not related to each other.

In sparse data sets, channels with lower sample rates will have blank fields where there is no sample associated with that timestamp. In compact data sets, each column of data is filled regardless of the sample rate.

VivoSense® does not require the rows to be aligned in either case, it merely imports each sample per the user specified sample rate and ignores blank fields. Refer to the VivoSense® Core User Manual for more information.

In the compact .xls sample file, excel truncates the number of rows. When importing this data, the higher sampled channel, ECG, gets truncated but the lower sampled channels remain complete.

CSV and Excel file import instructions:

  1. In the import configuration dialog, set the accelerometer channels to a sample rate of 25.6 Hz, the respiration channel to 25.6 Hz and the ECG channel to 256 Hz.
  2. The raw accelerometer measures 9.12 mG/cu and must be calibrated. In the Session explorer select AccX, AccY, and AccZ. In the properties window set the Gain for each accelerometer to 9.12.
  3. The raw ECG measures 0.003 mV/cu and must be calibrated. In the Session explorer select Ecg1. In the properties window set the Gain for the ECG channel to 0.003.

Sample Import Files

Compact CSV Sample Import File
CSV Sample Import File
Compact Excel 97-2003 Sample Import File
Excel 97-2003 Sample Import File
Compact Excel 2007+ Sample Import File
Excel 2007+ Sample Import File

VivoSense® Sample Files

Dual Band Respiration VivoSense File.vsn
ECG VivoSense File.vsn
Galvanic Skin Response VivoSense File.vsn

RR Interval .txt File Sample Import

RR Interval files are text files containing a single RR Interval marking in seconds on each line of the file. Non-numeric lines will be ignored. The RR Interval text file may be used to perform basic Heart Rate Variability analysis. See Chapter 3 of the VivoSense® HRV Professional Edition User Manual for more details.

Download the VivoSense® RR Interval Sample Import File

Clinical Event Log Import

Clinical Event Logs contain event information that was not recorded by the acquisition sensors or software. The Event Log allows users to import additional observed events recorded on paper or in a spreadsheet to imported into the VivoSense® file. See page 44 of the VivoSense® Core User Manual.

Download a sample Clinical Event Log File. This event log may be used with the 04509002.EQ – Sample Session.SEM.vsn file that is installed with VivoSense®.